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Spruce Mountain Meadery Mead Honey Wine with Cinnamon & Nutmeg (Colorado) (2 )
Earle Estates Meadery Mead Honey Mead Contemporary (Seneca Lake) (1 )
Earle Estates Meadery Mead Honey Mead Traditional (Seneca Lake) (2 )
Rocky Mountain Meadery Honey Blackberries 'n Honey (Colorado) (4 )
Rocky Mountain Meadery Honey Raspberries 'n Honey (Colorado) (1 )
Redstone Meadery Honey Honey Wine w/ Pinot Noir Concentrate (Colorado) (1 )
Rocky Mountain Meadery Mead Chocolate Cherry Velvet (Colorado) (7 )
Sky River Mead Sweet Honey Wine (Washington) (4 )
Tugwell Creek Meadery Mead Wassail Gold, Sack Mead (Vancouver Island) (4 )
Meadery of the Rockies Honey Peaches 'n Honey (Colorado) (6 )
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