Pinot Rex Pinot Noir Campbell Ranch / Annapolis 2013 Prices

Pinot Rex Pinot Noir Campbell Ranch / Annapolis 2013

Fact Sheet

Winery:Pinot Rex
Appellation:Sonoma Coast
Cuv�e:Campbell Ranch / Annapolis
Wine type:Red
Grapes:Pinot Noir

The Campbell Ranch / Annapolis 2013 is a red wine, made by Pinot Rex. Its origin is Sonoma Coast in Sonoma County, California, USA. It is made from the Pinot Noir grape. It is produced from the 2013 harvest.

For all vintages of Pinot Rex Pinot Noir Campbell Ranch / Annapolis we have 28 ratings on record with an average of 87/100 points.

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'Pinot Rex Pinot Noir Campbell Ranch / Annapolis 2013'

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countryMel & Rose Wine and SpiritsG Bert Pinot Noir 13 2013900.7511.22
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countryProsecco&WeinJosten & Klein Glanzstück Pinot Noir trocken 2013900.7526.33
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