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Access price information and ratings from anywhere on the web!

1. Highlight a wine and select "Find on Vinopedia" from the menu

2. Vinopedia finds the wine for you!

Find a wineFind a wine

For Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers

In order to use this function, you need to install a small extension in your browser.



To install the extension, click the button.

After installation, right click on any wine and select "Find on Vinopedia".

Add to Chrome

Google Chrome

To install the extension, click the button. A message may appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm the installation.

After installation, select (highlight) a wine, right click and select "Find on Vinopedia".
Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

To install the extension, click the button. Select "Make this my default provider for this Accelerator Category", otherwise the search option is placed in a sub menu.

Please be aware: on Internet Explorer you first have to select (highlight) a wine. A blue marker appears then (see image below). Click it and select "Find on Vinopedia". That's it!

Selecting a wine in IE