Zen of Riesling Johannes Ohlig Riesling 2017 Prices

Zen of Riesling Johannes Ohlig Riesling 2017

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Winery:Zen of Riesling
Cuv�e:Johannes Ohlig
Wine type:White - Off-dry

The Johannes Ohlig 2017 is a white - off-dry wine, made by Zen of Riesling. Its origin is Rheingau in Germany. It is made from the Riesling grape. It is produced from the 2017 harvest.

For all vintages of Zen of Riesling Johannes Ohlig Riesling we have 48 ratings on record with an average of 88/100 points.

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'Zen of Riesling Johannes Ohlig Riesling 2017'

countryVinoMi.deMarkus Pfaffmann Riesling 1 Liter 201714.54
countryVinoMi.deMarkus Pfaffmann Riesling 20170.755.03
countryVinoMi.deMarkus Pfaffmann Riesling halbtrocken 20170.755.13
countryVinoMi.deLergenmüller Fruits de mer Riesling - Liter 201715.45
countryVinoMi.deRosch Riesling Leiwener feinherb 20170.755.76
countryVinoMi.deKloster Eberbach Riesling feinherb 20170.756.30
countryVinoMi.deHessische Staatsweinkellerei Eberbach Riesling feinherb - 1 Liter 201716.64
countryVinoMi.deRings Riesling 365 Tage 1 Liter 201716.64
countryVinoMi.deHessische Staatsweinkellerei Eberbach Riesling - 1 Liter 201716.64
countryMüllers Weinwelter "Der Dachs" Riesling feinherb, Weingut Hamm - Bio 20170.757.10
countryVinoMi.deChateau Ste. Michelle Riesling feinherb 20170.757.13
countryBortarsasag BoltokLă‰Gli Riesling 20170.757.27
countryWeinquelle Helmut Luhmannfum Allerhinnerschde Qualitätswein Riesling feinherb 20170.757.35
countryVinoMi.deWeingut Hamm Rheingau Riesling feinherb 20170.757.37
countryVinoMi.deEspenhof Weisser Riesling Flonheim 20170.757.98
countryVinoMi.deNik Weis Mosel Riesling St. Urbans-Hof 20170.758.23
countryVinoMi.deGamla White Riesling 20170.758.39
countryEberhard Spangenbergs GaribaldiRiesling Qualitätswein Bone Dry 20170.758.66
countryVinoMi.deMaximin Grünhaus Riesling Monopol 20170.758.99
countryWeinquelle Helmut LuhmannKestener Herrenberg Kabinett Riesling feinherb 20170.759.03
countrySG WineGut Hermannsberg Gut Hermannsberg Just Riesling Vdp. Gutswein 2017 20170.759.20
countryAuscellardoorCastelli The Sum Riesling 20170.759.65
countryVinoMi.deKloster Eberbach Rauenthaler Gehrn Riesling 20170.759.77
countryVinoMi.deKloster Eberbach Rauenthaler Baiken Riesling 20170.7510.00
countryepiQureWicks Estate Riesling 2017Case10.27
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